Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Wrap for Kernels of Hope 2020 - 2021 crop

 We are blessed to bless others and that continues to happen as our Kernels of Hope team seems to be exactly on the right track.   Our real Canadian farmers keep sacrificing by using their resources to raise a variety of crops across the Prairies .     Kinistino / Melfort , Minnedosa, Norquay, Brandon and Wetaskiwin are a few of the areas where a Kernels field might be seen.  God's perfect plan order of nature has once again worked together with the farmers plans and skills to produce a bountiful harvest at some very good prices.  Most were sold before the markets took off but that's pretty normal !   Faba beans, canola and wheat were the crops of choice this year.     Another crucial part of the team every year is the Virtual Farmers ...  the churches and groups and people like you that choose to help pay the expenses of many of these productions costs never cease to amaze me in your generosity.  You will never fully understand the smiles you make in people's lives every year through this project.     ECCC/ Kernels then partners with Tearfund Canada and the Canadian Food Grains Bank to leverage the funds & crops raised through the Canadian government... This year it resulted in about $275,000 that then was used to help get Southern Ethiopia farmers in the Wolaita District on the right track through the local Ethiopian rural churches ...  Many churches there have demonstration fields right in their yard.  The 2020 crop will complete the very successful program Scaling up Conservation Agriculture.  Covid also effected so many things in Ethiopia this year but they are resilient and resourceful and were able to keep on farming in most cases.  We trained 10,500 farmers to grow more volume, an average increase of 216%  and a wider variety of crops that can have more nutrition packed in and be worth more $.  These with the help of PICS storage bags  were marketed over a wider period of time to increase financial returns by a large %.   To see the impact go to Growing her Future  Asnakech Zema    or check the Tearfund Canada website for a link.   Thank you and Thank God for making such a Difference to those in need !  Stay tuned for a future email where we will launch our Kernels project for 2021 ! 

We will Grow Again !
Ray the Grain Guy
  "The Right Track "