Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Van B Farms at Kinistino sent us pictures of the Kernels canola harvest from the weekend...  today ,  just a few days later the ground is white with a heavy snow fall ....   whew !  This canola is already in the Melfort elevator    2360 bu     47 bushels per acre    Niiiiice !   $9.75 per bu     now add the Govt matching funds...  Phenomonal  !

The Minnedosa Church Garden Field 2016

     This fall the wheat in the garden ripened and was cut by Don Wilkinson with a scythe that his dad built !   The wheat was gathered into piles by our pastors Jeff and Sean and then hauled home to get under a roof awaiting combining... The combine was a mini  !   It's meant for going to a field and taking a sample with out taking a full size combine...   it still seperates the proverbial and in this case literal     "wheat from the chaff" 
Enough wheat kernels were harvested this past weekend to make a good loaf of Communion Bread which will be shared and help to connect the dots on World Relief Sunday

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Borley Canola

     Here are some shots of some huge canola swaths...The Borleys of Rapid City are real Kernels farmers this year and are looking forward to harvesting this great looking crop... see the size of the seeds ?  They sure add up tho !

Monday, August 29, 2016

6 acres that Punch above their weight class

... Ron's little field makes such a large difference !   all those plants working together producing all those seeds !  Providing sustenance and ultimately life to so many of those in need...

What some days look like on the Menu

Below is what some days must look like for people in countries where food is never to be take for granted...


Gerald's canola is in the swath !

Thats a Large swath laid down by a Large swather... we know it will make a Large difference to the people in the Congo... so many plants containing so many pods containing so many seeds... Every seed is important... as is every person...  the number varies but there can be up to 400,000 seeds of a canola in a bushel.  If we get $10 per bushel this year we will be happy !
     Go Gerald Go !  Get that canola into the bin !

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 11 / 16 The Wheat Field at the Minnedosa Church

The first sign of color change on the wheat at the church...
 Lots of heads... lots of Kernels   Lots of Potential to help others....