Tuesday, February 21, 2017


   What's the most important job in the world ?  And has been since the beginning of time ?

   If you like to and need to eat you know that farmers are what make that eating possible on an ongoing basis.  With Kernels of Hope we really try to make it so that more of this worlds 7 Billion people can count on having food for not only today but tomorrow and not only for themselves but for their children. 
    We are getting ready to farm again for real in 2017 !   We need real farmers who will do the work for us and we need virtual farmers who will pay the expenses of raising the crops and the hopes of so many!
    Let me know if you are in and able to Grow with us again this year !

Ray the Grain Guy

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The 2016 Kernels Windup

   2016 was a good year for growth.  We grew hope and raised hope through our team farming efforts.  We had real farmers doing the work where the rubber meets the road and the seed meets the soil.  We had virtual farmers like you raising and forwarding the $ to make all this happen !   The people in the Congo were excited again to accept the tools and seeds and training to be able to raise more on their own and to start to become self sufficient in providing for their families.   Kernels of Hope is a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada who is a part of World Relief Canada.    World Relief Canada makes the connections with the people of Africa. The federal government of Canada make the funds multiply.  The Canadian Food Grains Bank connects these entities and facilitates for the timely flow of assistance to places of need.   I am a Connector involved all along the way.   Thanks so much for enabling any of the help you may have been able to provide this year and in years past.  I will show a recap of some 2016 farming pictures below...  Stay tuned because we are farming and growing again in 2017 !

   Ray the Grain Guy

Sunday, December 4, 2016

All in

     It's all delivered and sold !|   The grain is all making a difference as the value of it gets moved to World Relief Canada and the CFGB.   Multiplying all the way on its journey to helping so many... stay tuned for updates...
    If you want a card that you can fill in to provide if you are buying a gift acre for someone who doesn't need anything let me know.   We wrote down the Kernels story that shows the how and why of what we do!

Ray the Grain Guy

Thursday, November 10, 2016


About 6 weeks ago we had the closest thing to a monsoon that happens in the Prairies... all of harvest was stopped for so long...many many acres were put on pause...   this week the sun came out and brought along the wind.  Record high November temperatures are now allowing the crops and the ground to dry up .  Harvest now continues and is progressing with a lot of stuck in the mud equipment... Better than parking in the yard though !  Our Kernels fields are harvested !  stay tuned for some updates on the yields and the Rest of the Story !

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Van B Farms at Kinistino sent us pictures of the Kernels canola harvest from the weekend...  today ,  just a few days later the ground is white with a heavy snow fall ....   whew !  This canola is already in the Melfort elevator    2360 bu     47 bushels per acre    Niiiiice !   $9.75 per bu     now add the Govt matching funds...  Phenomonal  !

The Minnedosa Church Garden Field 2016

     This fall the wheat in the garden ripened and was cut by Don Wilkinson with a scythe that his dad built !   The wheat was gathered into piles by our pastors Jeff and Sean and then hauled home to get under a roof awaiting combining... The combine was a mini  !   It's meant for going to a field and taking a sample with out taking a full size combine...   it still seperates the proverbial and in this case literal     "wheat from the chaff" 
Enough wheat kernels were harvested this past weekend to make a good loaf of Communion Bread which will be shared and help to connect the dots on World Relief Sunday

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Borley Canola

     Here are some shots of some huge canola swaths...The Borleys of Rapid City are real Kernels farmers this year and are looking forward to harvesting this great looking crop... see the size of the seeds ?  They sure add up tho !