Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Working together !

Two cool events I was part of recently !   Two of our Virtual Farmers helping put up the new sign on the Real field and meeting Ron !     Working together so well to help others in Africa !
The bottom picture was the Snowbirds at the Shoal Lake last week...working together as one !

The canola is Growing !

The canola is now bigger than the camera !
The Borley's Know Beans !   Soybeans that is...it looks like they are doing well !
Soybeans have been around Western Manitoba for about 4 years now and they expand a lot in acreage every year ! 

Time lapse canola pictures in the making

Ron's field of canola by Brandon taken earlier    We set up the time lapse photography camera at this stage so we can later see the crop grow  a whole season in a couple of minutes!   Stay Tuned !

Monday, May 29, 2017

May is nearly over and we are Growing Again !
   We'd like you to join us by helping pay the expenses of our real farmers in Canada to create a much better life for people in need in Africa,   allowing them to provide for their own families.
 We have real farmers throughout the Prairies that are willing to do the work.  Are you willing to help too !?
Stay tuned for updates...
Ray the Grain Guy

Monday, May 1, 2017

   The soil has had it's rest...  The cold winters of Canada do have some advantages... the soil freezes and thaws and breaks up into more mellow useful texture... some diseases and insects can't survive the cold and moisture levels are usually increased to get the crops off to a good start .  Our project has had a bit of a rest too...  it has also helped people in the Congo be able to break some disease cycles and fight insect problems... better nutrition makes your immune system much more resilient !  Moisture too is generally improved in the project.  Sometimes teaching better ways to use water and conserve it to raise better crops... and often to teach people how to access cleaner water for themselves.  Often the families lives are mellowed like the soil... when every single decision is based on pure survival you can't relax and enjoy your surroundings or your family...
    Thankyou for helping with all those things !   We will be farming again this year... Stay tuned for how you can help...

Ray the Grain Guy

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

This rail car carries a lot of grain !   It is sitting in a field near Manitou, Manitoba.... there are no rail tracks near it.  The car is still useful but  rail cars are much more useful when they are running on the tracks performing their job !   Our Kernels project has been parked for a couple of months but it is still definitely on track... We will be launching this season over the next month and hope you can join us on the ride !   Growing and Going !

Ray the Grain Guy