Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kendell and Jodine

Kendell and Jodine Arndt are first time Kernels farmers this year at Melfort, Saskatchewan.
They have a field right in town and will be seeding wheat once it dries up there !

They are first time real farmers this year but have been Virtual Kernels farmers with us for a long time!

Brandon Wheat

Ron And Fran VanHeyst have their Kernels wheat field seeded on Hwy #10 just north of Brandon. They are first time Kernels farmers. Earl van Renselaar is doing the work on their land ! Thanks to both for helping out ! I will get the CFGB Field sign up there soon !

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Ugly Sweater Gets an Outing !

Remember the Ugly Sweater ? You can see more about it in earlier postings here...
Larry Fast of Rivers, Manitoba was the one who first sponsored CFGB money to get rid of that Ugly Sweater ! On Sunday May 2 Larry wore it ALL day long! People of the congregation at the Justice Mennonite Church got $1200 together in a fun way of making a huge difference in the world of hunger ! The $1200 when matched 4 to 1 by CIDA results in $6,000 just for that day for the CFGB.... Put that $6,000 with the $2000 from Ray promising not to wear it and Greg Dunn getting sponsored to wear it for the day at work that makes $8,000 from a $2 purchase of the Sweater ! Clothing fit for A King !