Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Winter Wheat ?

     Mid Sept  is usually prime time for harvest in the Prairies !  This year it brought early snow and verrry little sunshine !  It stayed cool and damp and sadly the white never really left the crop ... there were scattered days that allowed for a bit of harvest but if you weren't done harvest early it turned into a severe test of patience to see when harvest could resume... for many in the West it just wasn't possible to finish harvest this fall.  The snow melted off and on and eventually it did cover many acres of unharvested crop.   Wheat was the main crop left out in the cold... this picture is around Erickson, Manitoba.... it's not a Kernels field but it shows the snow level when it was still pretty low!   Much of the wheat that was left out wasn't put into swaths.... it was left standing so it could be straight combined.... not much left standing anymore because it is mainly flat on the ground due to the weight of the snow (s) !   We often think we can control our crop result but in many cases  the weather has a lot more say than we do.