Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Here are pictures of Jim and Sandys soybeans taken on the same day as Ron's canola swaths.   Soybeans take a longer time to become mature... ( some might say that about me ! )
They need some rain to fill those pods !   The lowest pods generally are maybe an inch off the ground so that requires care and some special equipment to get them into the combine .

The Swath's

The Canola at Ron's was swathed August  25 th.  There hasn't been much rain on it this year but it is looking good !   Little rain also means less disease ...  stay tuned for yields....  what's harvested is what counts !

Monday, August 7, 2017

There is no I in Pod in this field !

Canola pods... imagine the smallest peas in the world and that will show you what canola seeds in a pod looks like !   The flowers are now gone in the canola but they left behind millions of pods with millions of seeds in them... We will put that seed to work helping our African friends by turning our farming profits into seeds and tools and more to help them produce crops and liveliehoods of their own !
These pictures are from the start of August at the VanHeyst farm near Brandon
Grow with us !

Beans are thirsty !

Beans R Us !

Our weather has been generally hot an and too dry in July ... Soybeans however are really used to that and if they can get a good start with good germination they are happy till august which is when the rain is needed to fill those pods !    The price for fall is about 10.50 / bu now...  some people want $11 and some say $12... there is still lots of uncertainty out there for what will happen to the crops it it doesn't rain more very soon !      So that is keeping our prices decent ! 
       Beans provide protein through the meal and also oil when they are crushed.  In our case they provide money for our project to help people in Africa survive and thrive !   Thanks for helping if you can !
  Ray the Grain Guy