Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Field of Dreams 2011

Field of Dreams at Norquay, Saskatchewan is a one day annual event display of field scale advances in crop production. With the world approaching 7 Billion people this year for the first time ever we need to explore better ways to produce more crop on less acres. Hudye Soils and Hudye Farms are on the leading edge of that type of farming... They are also on the leading edge of charity ! Their "Helping Feed the World " initiative has been a major contributor to Kernels of Hope and 2011 looks more promising than ever before !

Canola in Canada

The USA grows Soybeans ... Canada grows Canola !
They both produce oil and animal feed when processed. Canola is much more colorful though ! About 40% of the seed of canola is oil. Here are some pictures from July of the Van Heyst canola just north of Brandon, Manitoba