Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Working together !

Two cool events I was part of recently !   Two of our Virtual Farmers helping put up the new sign on the Real field and meeting Ron !     Working together so well to help others in Africa !
The bottom picture was the Snowbirds at the Shoal Lake last week...working together as one !

The canola is Growing !

The canola is now bigger than the camera !
The Borley's Know Beans !   Soybeans that is...it looks like they are doing well !
Soybeans have been around Western Manitoba for about 4 years now and they expand a lot in acreage every year ! 

Time lapse canola pictures in the making

Ron's field of canola by Brandon taken earlier    We set up the time lapse photography camera at this stage so we can later see the crop grow  a whole season in a couple of minutes!   Stay Tuned !