Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Pile of Grain !

Here's hoping we grow a Pile of Grain like this one this year !

3 fields lined up so far for 2010

Stay tuned for 2010 crop news !

We have wheat in Manitoba and Alberta
... and canola in Saskatchewan !

Still looking to finalize a couple more fields for the season...

Help others by growing with us !

Ray the Grain Guy

Friday, March 12, 2010

Here's the picture !

The Ugly Sweater Continues to Grow !

If that sounds like a story.... it is ! But this is a great story !

Sunday March 7 I had the chance to talk all about the Canadian Food Grains Bank during the Sunday morning service at the Mennonite Church at Justice... Justice is a great name for so many food related projects ! Larry Fast was the Moderator of the service and since he was the farmer who first gave me $100 not to wear the sweater last spring , I thought it verrrry appropriate that during the service I pull out the Ugly sweater and get people to sponsor Larry to wear the sweater he thinks is so Ugly for one whole Sunday. We had lot's of takers... !

This is the sweater that cost me $2 ( new ) at the store (at least it was my size ) and that we have since raised about $1700 counting the matching funds from CIDA !
If you want to see a picture of it Greg is pictured with it on in this Blogs archives...
Ray the Grain Guy