Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Launch Time !

It's Launch Time ! That could be a play on words in some parts of the country...especially when we are talking about Hunger.... but for now I mean it's Launch time for the 2010 Kernels of Hope... As I said earlier, we are farming again in 2010 ! Once again we are going to connect you as Virtual Farmers to real farmers scattered throughout the 3 prairie provinces. We are growing canola and wheat on a total of about 250 acres... We are suggesting it will cost an average of $200 / acre to seed these crops this year. If you'd like to farm again this year or become a first time Virtual Farmer this year please write a cheque to ECCC ( and write Kernels on the note line) and mail to ECCC at Box 34025 RPO Fort Richmond, Winnipeg, Mb R3T 5T5
A receipt will be mailed to you directly from Winnipeg.
Last year, counting the matching CIDA funds Kernels generated $325,000 through the farm ! In 2010 we are supporting Year 3 of the WRC / CFGB Nutrition project in South Awiel County, Sudan. We are keying on improving nutrition especially for babies, children and mothers and are also supplying farming tools and seeds along with fishing equipment. Any where in the world a main goal of people is to be able to support your own family. We are enabling many people to do just that !
Thanks so much for anything you have been able to help with in the past and another thanks if you can grow with us this year !
Till next time ,
Ray the Grain Guy