Sunday, July 22, 2012

We have 3 new real Kernels farmers this year. I took these pictures when I was putting up the sign at Danny and Pat Kowbels .  When asked they agreed instantly to grow a field this year.  They live right across Highway 10 from the VanHeysts !  Peer pressure at it's best.
All of our canola fields are either at full bloom or just past that stage now... The flowers are making pods and the pods making seeds and the seeds are  helping solve Hunger issues for many !
Ray the Grain Guy

Imagination ... a Dream , Know How and God's Miraculous Nature and Ron and Earl have turned this bare looking field above with wheat so small you can hardly see it into the thriving crop in the bottom picture... What's the bottom line you say ?  Ease of Hunger for so many more people !

(This is Ron and Fran's Field just north of Brandon on Hwy # 10)