Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It's Cold outside !  That's what December does to us in the Canadian Prairies...   But as we wind up the Kernels of Hope Crop year I get a very warm feeling for all the things we have done this year !
    The crop suffered some poor weather but across all of the projects it seemed to turn out better than expections were part way through the year.   The $ are still rolling in...  If you were thinking to send a donation but had someone yell squirrel and you headed off in a different direction you still have time !  Watch for a summary soon...

Ray the Grain Guy


Friday, October 17, 2014

     The crops are coming in !  90 %  of the Prairie crops have been harvested.   Some dry, some not...
some already moved to market... some getting conditioned and getting marketing plans, now that the yield and quality are evident.  That's the same as many of the Kernels of Hope crops this year! 
    A salute to all those involved in agriculture as people partner to contribute to feeding the world.
   Farmers often downplay their importance feeling they have ordinary vocations but if there is no food produced there would very quickly be no need for any other profession you could name !
                               Stay tuned for Kernels updates from 2014

   Ray the Grain Guy

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Combining Wheat at Ron's

Rain Makes Grain

  Ron and Fran have the Kernels field that is closest to the elevator that I work at.   They grew hard red spring wheat this year. They straight cut the wheat when harvesting ( not swathing but cutting it and feeding it directly into the combine )   This  helps the wheat be harvested quicker and sprout less if you have a wet harvest season like we are having in Western Manitoba..  Earl came over to give them a hand as they harvested on Thursday Sept 25 th.  We had room at the elevator to receive it straight off the field.   It had suffered from the weather somewhat but will still make a lot of bread !
It ran about 40 bushels per acre.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Progress !

The Canola at Norquay had a good summer and now it is ready for a trip !  It will take a trip through Rock's combine getting it to come out of its shell and into the hopper of the combine and then a truck and then a grain bin at home or a nice longer ride to an elevator !.  Sometimes it even goes directly to a Canola Crushing Plant where it gets all the oil squished out of it ( usually about 43% of that little seed is oil ! )   the oil goes to so many uses and the meal ( the part of the seed that is left after being crushed goes most often to animal or poultry feed rations....  Here's Rocks combine doing its part ... one seed at a time ,,, row by row ... adding up to a really big deal !    Yield was tremendous on this field going about 58 bushels per acre !   Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice !

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Swathing Process

Action Shot of Rock Swathing Kernels Canola at Norquay

This canola is being swathed.  To you rookie farmers that means the canola plants are mature now and are being cut and put into field long windrows or swaths to cure.  The sun and the rain both help to make the seeds totally mature and ready to combine.   Rock has taken the picture from inside the cab of the swather.  Look closely at the reflection... Can you see him ?  Or can you see yourself ( the Virtual Farmer ! )  Then take a look all the way into next year as the crop in the picture goes to help those who need it most in the Congo! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Gentle Breeze at VanHeysts

The Road

See that field of canola just on the south side of Highway 49 ?  That is where Rock and Nicole have their Kernels field this year.  They are looking after it for you and I ! Also for the people in North Kivu of the D R Congo.  I wanted to take this picture to show that the crop is well on the road to making a large difference in the lives of so many people !

Field of Dreams

The Hudye Group continues to develop ways to produce more grain per acre to Help Feed the World.  So many innovations have improved yields and profitability.  Another part of Field of Dreams is always making contacts with producers in the are to grow some of their acres for Kernels of Hope !   The farms in the area make a huge contribution to the success and momentum of Kernels !



Market / Crop Update for Mid August

The water dried up !  Did it go up the water spout ?   Many of the crops in the prairies were too wet in their early life Wet soil often fools  the plant into not working hard,  It doesn't have to put its roots down deep because it thinks it has all it needs right there !  Now in August when the crop is maturing it is HOT   and dry...  that crop as mentioned earlier now has shallow roots and may really suffer from a lack of moisture.   Well the heat will allow some catch up of maturity now... but will we get a full size crop as a results of this weather !  It won't be Supersized in most areas.    The US is having a good crop.... the rest of the world is doing just fine with their yields too !   Today we were able to pay from $10  to $10.25 / bushel for canola over the next few months...  not bad at all...   wheat is getting about $5.50 per bushel..  not so good....  it costs a lot to grow a crop these days and that wheat price makes it hard to make a profit !   Winter Wheat and Rye have begun to be harvested in Southern Manitoba...  Yields at first glance are a little low as is the quality !   Stay Tuned !

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July in Kinistino

The Van Burgsteden's of Kinistino  sent in this picture of the Kernels canola taken this week...  There has been an overabundance of rainfall there so far this year.  Wheat is doing okay but canola is suffering.   Canola is a fighter though and often turns from a poor looking crop to a very good one !

Monday, July 14, 2014

Are the heavy rains over ?

   Sometimes we get signs....   God created the sign of the Rainbow...  

This is a picture of a rainbow that looks like it is coming right onto Rob's ( my fellow Grain Buyer) field.  He is also a farmer at Rossburn, Manitoba.      Maaaaaybe it means there are going to be some good crops this year ! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


...  The Grain is trying to grow !   Crops that were in early and established a good root system seem fine.  For now they can use a lot of the extra water that keeps coming... later they will have roots established that can reach down deep for support...   the later crops don't need to work hard for water because it is right there...  that doesn't allow for a well developed root structure (if they don't drown in the meantime )   so later if the rain quits they are shallow and can easily dry up...    That seems to be the same as people in their Spiritual walk... It is so good to have something deep to fall back on. 
   More real crop pictures coming soon !

Monday, June 9, 2014

Green as Grass June 9 th

    This is our wheat at the Van Heyst's just north of Brandon.   It is in nice rows and is short as and green as grass !  We don't want to take the lawn mower out there now though.  We want to nurture that crop...  Supplying good nutrition... which is also good for people... hoping to get it the right amount of water... also very good for people... Controlling the weeds...  not good for people to have too much wild oats either , Hoping no crazy weather events knock it down or drown it...   Definitely not good for people !...  Hoping the crop grows to a normal maturity ...  Maturity is wonderful in people !     Well some things we can control and some things we can't .    Knowing the difference is often half the battle.  Stay tuned as we grow the crop that will help us help the people of the Congo in so many ways...

Ray the Grain Guy

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May is Over !

   May was a stressful farming month in Manitoba !
Rain for 1 day dry for 2 days was the pattern.  That doesn't let many get to the field to get down to the business of seeding the crop ! Vanheysts go the wheat in at Brandon.  Sounds like Rovk and Nicole are making progress at Norquay !  The Nelsons crop is more advanced in Alberta.  Haven't heard from others yet but that is a good sign...It means they are busy !    The ADVENTURE Continues !
Ray the Grain Guy

Thursday, May 15, 2014

2014 Launch Letter

Spring is here !  The snow is slowing down in frequency !   Kernels farmers are planting and preparing again for crops that will go farther than we can even imagine in helping people in need in the Congo to help feed themselves !  Dignity is provided by Hope.  Hope is what we give when we do our farming in Canada which enables the Congolese to grow their own crops and set up fish farms and if things go well to not only feed their families but to market some of the extra produce !  Hope is such a small word but it is HUGE in every person in every country in this 7 billion person world... Thankyou for helping provide Hope if you have been able to join in !

     We are farming in Alberta with the Nelsons, In Saskatchewan with the VanBurgstedens , Arndts and the Hudye group !  Manitoba has the VanHeysts, Marvins and Penners growing again !   There are others coming in soon that I will update you on later.  Mostly growing wheat and canola again this year.   Maybe we will get a real farmer in Ontario soon !   Grain Prices got low and movement got slow in the winter but now as the weather warms and the trains start chugging the prices and outlook are really perking up again !

Our mailing address changed recently...  If you can help by sponsoring the costs of an acre this year at a suggested cost of $200 ( If you haven't already... please write a cheque to ECCC and write Kernels in the note line on the bottom and mail it to ECCC PO. Box 23117 RPO McGillivray  Winnipeg, Mb, R3T 5S3    on line donations to become a virtual farmer can be done at www.canadacovenantchurch.org  Tax receipts will be issued at year end.    If you want info mailed or want a 3 minute video email of the Launch for 2014 let me know ! 
   Grow with us !

  Ray the Grain Guy