Saturday, July 9, 2016


Putting canola in a truck and then an elevator and then a rail car seems to be a lot of work...  maybe this idea can save a lot of time.  This rail car was spotted in the field  between Darlingford and Manitou...     really its just an out of service car that the producer uses as grain storage.  It has 4 hoppered compartments !

The Tomoniko's of Franklin, Mb

Aleki Tomoniko and his family are first time real Kernels farmers this year... Welcome aboard !   Grow with us...
...Here's a story ! This is how many stories start !   Once upon a time ... there was a small house...the small house got old and was given by the church to the Museum site in Minnedosa.  The basement of the house got filled in with black dirt and for awhile it was used as a garden for different people.   This year no one was seeding the garden and so on May 30 that garden became a field !    Its now a field of Hard Red Spring Wheat !.   It got 9 / 10th of an inch of rain on it the night it was seeded...  perfect start...  I will keep you up to date on this field !  It is 15 feet by 40 feet ...   the aim is to get enough wheat to make enough flour to get a loaf of bread to use for Communion on World Relief Sunday...  Stay tuned !    Ray the Grain Guy

July Potential

   Word on the street is that the crop in the Prairies is doing great right now !... I saw a lot of it last week as we journeyed across the west ...  The Saskatchewan crop is lush and more advanced than Manitoba...  July shows great potential.  Now we have to worry about disease...wetter weather that is happening in many areas now lends itself to disease ... which can reduce that yield potential... Stay tuned !

Ray the Grain Guy