Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fasting for Change CFGB

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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Olson Canola is swathed !

The canola at the edge of Norquay is now swathed ! It is laying in nice orderly rows for the final phase of harvest ... the combine ! It usually has to mature about 1 to 3 weeks in the swath depending on how green the canola was cut and how the weather is after it is cut... some people don't even swath canola anymore ! We want the insides of the seeds to be at least 98 % bright yellow and we want the straw to dry down. When the combine rolls it will leave only fine particles in it's wake.

We still have risks at this stage... it could hail on the crop... it could rain and rain and rain... it could get extremely windy and roll and blow the swaths away... Sounds like a big bad wolf but it can happen... the price could also slip away as harvest progresses !

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rock and Nicole Olson Field Pictures

That's the Norquay Covenant Church int he background !

Here is the 10 acres of 5440 Invigor canola . It's right on the highway 49 at the edge of town.

Pictures taken July 29

Field of Dreams / Helping Feed The World

Field of Dreams at Norquay
Hudye Soil Services and Hudye Farms have been great supporters of Kernels of Hope since the beginning. Once again this year they have challenged producers in NE Saskatchewan to join Kernels through their Helping Feed the World initiative. Producers pledge to set aside the production form ten acres and donate the entire value to the Canadian Food Grains Bank through Kernels of Hope and World Relief Canada. With the CIDA match of 4 to 1 this may turn out to more than $100,000 again to help people in the South Sudan get back on track farming and feeding themselves through this new start ! See more below

July 29, 2010 At Norquay, Saskatchewan

Hudye Soil Services and Hudye Farms held their annual Field of Dreams day where Producers and ag industry people come to hear excellent speakers and see demonstrations of crops on field scale size trials. Aiming to fine tune new technologies and developments in agronomics to get more yield than most people ever dream of ! Here are some pictures of the day. This is some of the largest farm equipment used anywhere in the world.

Ugly Sweater wears on !

Larry Fast farms near Rivers, Manitoba. He knows farming and fashion ! He was who started the Ugly Sweater Saga by critiqueing the sweater Ray had bought new for $2 and was wearing . Larry paid $100 to the CFGB if I promised to not wear the sweater ever again. Since that would be $500 with the matching CIDA funds I agreed to the plea. Then Greg wore it for one day! He didn't like the sweater either but he was responsible for a good size pledge from staff and customers for the CFGB. Then the sweater story gets better. This spring I made a CFGB presentation to The Justice Mennonite Church and I challenged Larry to wear it for an entire Sunday . The congregation warmed to the idea of the warm sweater and had lot's of fun at the same time. Larry eventually wore the Ugly sweater and the pledges collected for this effort were $1550. Incredible ! So now my poor taste in clothing matched with my eye for deals has resulted in about $9500 that has went to people in need in Africa. Turning something bad into something good for so many ! Larry's pictures are above ... ( I still think the sweater is kinda okay )

Would anyone like to borrow the sweater ?

Ray the Grain Guy

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rock and Nicole Olson had a farm E I E I OHHHH

Here's a picture of the ten acres of canola that The Olsons are farming for us in Norquay.... It looks good. There is a little bit that is drowned out but it will yield well ! More pics to follow !