Thursday, August 30, 2012

A mature crop is ready to take the next step !

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Harvest of Wheat happened today !

  Ron and Fran VanHeyst helped by Earl of VR Farms had 2 nice John Deere combines out doing Ron's field and the Kernels field today... They didn't swath it... they straight cut the wheat... cutting the wheat with a knife attached on the front of the combine with the reel to feed the wheat into the threshing part of the combine..  Luckily they were able to haul it all directly to our elevator... It ran a little better than 2 years ago when the same field was planted to wheat... a little over 8 tonnes for 6 acres annnnnnd we sold it for $8.01 / bushel.  It graded # 1 and was 14.1 % protein... One small field that packs a big punch when yielding good like that and then getting a high price and then getting matched 4 to 1 by CIDA.... niiiiiiiiice...  Will have pictures soon...

Ray the Grain Guy