Friday, September 9, 2011

CBC Radio For Friday Sept 9

CBC Radio Manitoba to Focus on Needs in East Africa
Will hold special day of programming Sept. 9; listeners encouraged to donate to Canadian Foodgrains Bank
Manitobans will be encouraged to “reach out to people” in east Africa on Friday, September 9 when CBC Radio holds a special day of programming for famine relief in that region.
The day of programming, called Make a Difference Friday, will feature interviews with aid agency representatives about how they are helping people in east Africa, and also feature people from that region who have experienced hunger first-hand.
CBC Radio will also broadcast live at noon from a special ration meal lunch hosted by the Foodgrains Bank, Mennonite Central Committee and Canadian Lutheran World Relief.
Later, on Up to Speed, singer and songwriter Steve Bell will talk about his experiences visiting Foodgrains Bank-supported work in Africa, and perform live.
Listeners will be encouraged to donate to Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a partnership of 15 churches and church agencies working together to end global hunger.
The special programming can be heard on Information Radio, Radio Noon, and Up to Speed at 89.3 FM and 990 AM.

Visit to go to the CBC Radio Manitoba/Canadian Foodgrains Bank information and donation page.

Emily Cain

Communications Coordinator

Canadian Foodgrains Bank
400-393 Portage Ave. (Portage Place Mall)
Box 767

Winnipeg, MB R3C 2L4


cell: 204-930-5509

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Marvin Wheat

Here is the wheat that Lonnie and Steve grew for Kernels of Hope this year
It was harvested soon after these pictures. The quality was #1 and we will soon know the protein. The protein in wheat like this ranges from about 12.5 % to 15.5%
the more protein the more money ! The variety is Glenn... I think they'll grow it again! It ran over 40 bu per acre on barely any rainfall for the last half of its life! Now it will sustain life in people in North Kivu, Congo...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

As you leave the Melfort Covenant Church

This is the sign you see as you leave the Melfort Church.
It sure suits Kernels of Hope supporters ! You are making a difference !

( If the picture is too dark to read on your computer... it says
Now ... go make a Difference ... )

The Melfort Kinistino Adventure

This week I had a chance to go to Melfort, and neighbouring community Kinistino, Saskatchewan ! Gerald and Darla have been growing Kernels crops and I finally got to meet them ! You'll also see Kendell and Jodines canola field. Gary Gilkinson and I toured both fields with the guys and we did a prayer walk at the wheat field. It is so important that everything we do on Kernels is done for God's Kingdom in helping those less fortunate than ourselves...
The pictures are worth a whole lot of words !

Helicopters in the canola

Some fields in Manitoba were so wet this spring that some farmers used planes to spread the canola seed on and one that I know of used a helicopter...

the pictures below may look like a Helicopter at Ron's canola field but ... upon close inspection you'll see that it is a dragonfly ! There were many dragonflys eating our mosquitoes in Manitoba this year !

Thank a Farmer

The canola seed pictured looks small, many say a dollar is small, I know the Thanks is small... But ! The seed and the dollars really add up to do big things and the Thanks I give you Virtual and real farmers can never be big enough !

VanHeyst Canola

Here is a recap of the fall for this canola !



Harvest Update September 2011

Things are happening now !
The Tiedes harvested the Peas in Strathmore ! There is an extremely good chance that these actual peas will really go to a country in need as part of a food aid program. We know that their value will also do so much to help the people of North Kivu in the Congo that we are helping out !

The VanHeyst canola ( near my elevator ) was harvested see pictures ! It got just over 30 bushels per acre. It worked well to deliver it straight in to the elevator... sometimes if you store canola it can begin to heat, or spoil... It's always better at the elevator than on the farm !

Steve an Lonnie Marvin at Brandon got the wheat harvested... It is #1 ! That is great to see. It also survived all the poor weather and ran just over 40 bushels per acre of very high quality wheat ! We'll determine a value on it when it is hauled to the elevator.

Good Earth Dave hasn't combined the canola before the weekend but I expect that to happen as soon as the rain dries up here.

No news from the Newbergs of Norquay on the canola but crops are quite good in that area... as usual ! The Hudye's and Helping Feed the World haven't reported yields yet but it is looking very good !

I'll post the Melfort Adventure I had this week next !

It is such a good feeling seeing all this come together once again... Thank you to our real and virtual farmers for all you've done this year

Stay tuned !