Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Gentle Breeze at VanHeysts

The Road

See that field of canola just on the south side of Highway 49 ?  That is where Rock and Nicole have their Kernels field this year.  They are looking after it for you and I ! Also for the people in North Kivu of the D R Congo.  I wanted to take this picture to show that the crop is well on the road to making a large difference in the lives of so many people !

Field of Dreams

The Hudye Group continues to develop ways to produce more grain per acre to Help Feed the World.  So many innovations have improved yields and profitability.  Another part of Field of Dreams is always making contacts with producers in the are to grow some of their acres for Kernels of Hope !   The farms in the area make a huge contribution to the success and momentum of Kernels !



Market / Crop Update for Mid August

The water dried up !  Did it go up the water spout ?   Many of the crops in the prairies were too wet in their early life Wet soil often fools  the plant into not working hard,  It doesn't have to put its roots down deep because it thinks it has all it needs right there !  Now in August when the crop is maturing it is HOT   and dry...  that crop as mentioned earlier now has shallow roots and may really suffer from a lack of moisture.   Well the heat will allow some catch up of maturity now... but will we get a full size crop as a results of this weather !  It won't be Supersized in most areas.    The US is having a good crop.... the rest of the world is doing just fine with their yields too !   Today we were able to pay from $10  to $10.25 / bushel for canola over the next few months...  not bad at all...   wheat is getting about $5.50 per bushel..  not so good....  it costs a lot to grow a crop these days and that wheat price makes it hard to make a profit !   Winter Wheat and Rye have begun to be harvested in Southern Manitoba...  Yields at first glance are a little low as is the quality !   Stay Tuned !