Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 12 is Food Freedom Day in Canada

Food Freedom Day is on Thursday, February 12. This is the day when the average Canadian has earned enough income to pay his or her grocery bill for the entire year. In many parts of the world, the cost of food is significantly higher as apercentage of income. In observing Food Freedom Day, we acknowledge the role ofCanadian farmers in providing consumers with safe and affordable food. More statistics and information are available from the Canadian Federation of Agriculture

Monday, February 9, 2009

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Ray's Plays Agronomic Tidbits # 1

Here's how small a seed is... the number of seeds per pound is listed below
There are 60 lbs of wheat in a bushel
50 pounds of canola in a bushel
When we talk a lot of bushels we are talking a huge amount of seeds...
Everyone of them (Just like people) are important !

Seeds per pound (average)

- Hard Red
12,000 - 14,600

Barley 2 row
9,000 -11,000

Barley 6 row
10,000 -15,000

10,000 -15,000

Fall Rye
13,000 - 15,000

113,000 - 151,000


Fields around the Prairies

Dwayne & Glenna Kings Wheat Field gets started in 08

Kernels Kept on Growing in 2008

Kernels of Hope Kept on Growing in 2008

This year we had some hail at Slavek Dasiuks field near Milden.... this happens to all sorts of fields every year ... However, because the geography of our field locations is so spread out the hail didn't spill onto our other crops... ! The Kings at Blackstrap had good quality and very high protein wheat on their 50 acre field... The more protein the more value! We got about 23 bushels per acre there with low input costs. The Westerlunds at Hyas produced 65 bushels of wheat per acre on 20 acres and we got $8,803 from that small field!
Garf Challoner grew 79 tonnes or nearly one rail car full from 55 acres.... that resulted in $20,259.
Dennis Pearson produced 40 bushels/acre of Canola near Minnedosa, MB. With the canola being priced at different times throughout the year it created $16,555.58 from 45 acres... Hudye Farms also from Norquay, Sask seeded 25 acres for Kernels through their Field of Dreams demonstration plots. This had canola running a huge 65 bushels per acre on 10 acres with 15 acres of wheat running an average of 84 bushels per acre.... wow ! The Hudye's field was a huge boost to the project because they gave us very high prices ($20,355 were created) and charged us zero for all of the expenses... Presentations were made at Hudye’s and other places throughout the year that increased the awareness of the needs in other countries and the ways that people in North America can make such a positive difference
We have put together a great team of producers and supporters with God in charge of the growing ! Including the Canadian International Development Agency's 4 to 1 matching funds we have cleared $425,000 for 2008. This was year 4 for Kernels of Hope.... Year 1 we had $69,000, Year 2 $185,000 and Year 3 $280,000 . When you add the 4 years together we are over an amazing $900,000 .
Sit back, close your eyes and just try to imagine all the good that all the people involved in Kernels of Hope have already done for those who needed it so much… While your eyes are closed thank God for all of the blessings he has given us and that we are in a position to help in this way. God is honoured and I am sure he is pleased to see how his people are reaching out across the world in love and compassion. Remember Jesus words, " in as much as you did it unto the least of these, my brethren, you did it unto me." The recipients of Canadian Food Grains efforts that I have met are so touched that there are people across the ocean that both care and are willing to do something about it. It truly does provide Hope. Hope for the Present… Hope for the Future. All this out of some seed, nutrients, nurturing and God's grace, once again using the miracle of life that has been trusted to farmers. Pray that the funds will be used to their very best advantage helping people in South Aweil County of the Sudan survive some horrific conditions and giving them the chance to provide for themselves with new seed, tools, fishing equipment, some new wells and training for local health and community workers. Thank you so much for doing your part for Kernels in 2008 ... Ray The Grain Guy

The 2008 Kernels Wrap Up