Friday, July 24, 2009

A letter from Saskatchewan

This spring our grandson asked why I didn't plant the seeds hanging in a little plastic bag on our fridge - wheat seeds that we received last year. What a great idea! - so we have one short row of wheat in our garden. Every time I go out there, it reminds me of the Kernels of Hope wheat fields and how God is blessing the Canada Covenant's committment. Attached is a picture of our small wheat "field"! Since I grew up in a city, I am really enjoying watching it grow!
Jim and Carolyn

Here's the Barley story from Darryl in Alberta

The barley field is quite the sight. We started very cold and dry. In may we had more nights of frost than nights with not. We have had only about 2 inches of rain this year and most of that in the last 2 weeks. This has lead to a patchy germination of the seed. The plants then sent up less tillers (smaller extra heads) than normal. When we recieved the rain the plants started making different decisions and either germinating or sending up 2-3 more heads. If we continue to have showers the plant will try to finish these new heads. To do this we will need no frost well into september if we are to finnish these heads. If we get hot dry weather the plant will adjust by not filling these new heads. To be honest we just have to wait and see what will happen.
The new twist for the year is that because it was so dry when we normally sprayed not all the weeds germinated when they were susposed to. With the latest rain we now have many broadleaf weeds starting to grow. We must spray them now or they will be in the way for harvest. We cannot swath because the crop is to short and we cannot kill the Roundup volunters with preharvest spray. Well no one said that every year would be the same.
Well thats where we are at.
Darryl Doell

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update for July 14 / 09

The Kernels fields are looking good ! Some were too dry earlier. If the soil is too wet in the early life of a crop the crop doesn't send roots down deep because they can get all they need right on the surface...but crops are like people... If they build a good healthy root system when they are young they have something to fall back on in times of adversity ! A deep rooted crop can reach moisture and nutrients that can help it thrive when the heat comes. We have 170 acres total this year in the 6 fields and have the expenses covered for about 140 right now. If you were planning on farming this year we still need help ! The Dennis' canola missed the early frost and is catching up well.... The Marvin's wheat is headed out at Brandon and you can see pictures from last week on the website on this to get there Darren of Strathmore gave this update today when I asked how the wheat was doing ! "Well, I wish I could tell how its doing. Had every curve ball thrown atus this year, and yet wheat has held fairly well. On the plus side wereceived 2 in. of rain yesterday so what is there should fill nicely. Atthis point I think we can look forward to a decent crop. This year isproof that God does have a sense of humor! Gerald and Darla of Kinistino reported this on the wheat there...
"The wheat crop is in the flag stage which is about 10 days behind normal due to the cool weather. Other than that it looks okay. "

Wetaskiwin had very little rain but I know in early June the Doell's said the cereal crops were doing better than the oilseeds there . ( Oilseeds are crops like canola , flax and sunflowers )

I haven't heard specifics on the Nelsons Norquay field but I know the area is doing fine...Now we need the warmth... Global warming could kick in a bit for us this summer...

Sudan has been in the news recently and is needing help this year more than ever... Together we'll be able to make a significant difference there this year...

Happy Farming !
Ray the Grain Guy

The Marvin's Kernels field at Brandon

Steve and Loni have their green thumbs working ! Here's the wheat during the first week of July. Starting to head out ....