Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Arndt's of Melfort

    The wheat should be harvested at the Arndt's Kernels field in Melfort, Saskatchewan on Sept 10  Stay tuned for details !   Some partly drowned out earlier and parts of the field are looking just fine !
Anticipation !  Thanks to Regan and John Deere and the group for all the help there !  The guys at the Pioneer elevator are saving room for it !    Kendell wouldn't want to store it in his garage :)  

More on Ron's Field

The Kernels harvest is progressing well !  Good yields and great prices mean help to many !
Here are some picture from the harvest at the VanHeysts at Brandon.

It was Carberry Hard Red Spring Wheat   Great for making bread... It ran 52 bushels per acre and was dry and it graded # 1... niiiice  !                     And it ended up at the elevator on the same day !