Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Waving good bye to 2014

Its like the wheat is waving good bye to the 2014 grain growing season.  Many farmers are happy to do the same.  It was a rough year for weather  in many areas !  Same with Grain Prices !  We survived the adversity quite well though. Having fields in each Prairie Province almost always allows us to have at least some fields in areas with good crop growing weather.  All of our crops have now made it to market and been turned into money. Helping Feed the World at Norquay was again one of our biggest contributors by gathering $18,500 worth of crops for Kernels from their group > WOW>
     We didn't do as well as 2013 but I still talk to farmers that say they will never in their lives have a better crop than that year.  Tim Penner who has one of our Kernels fields near Brandon said that he always picks a different field for his Kernels plot and it always turns out to be his best crop ! 
This year we (together) were able to raise $322,000 after all expenses and after the Cdn Government match.  It will be used by the Canadian Food Grains Bank and World Relief Canada to finish off our project in North Kivu of the Congo.  We have helped them so much growing crops by supplying seed and tools and some training .  They have been successful at raising Irish Potatoes too !
On behalf of the people of the Congo, World Relief Canada , CFGB, ECCC and especially me ,  we say thank you for being a real and or a virtual farmer in helping create Hope where there was often none.  Stay tuned for plans for a project ( likely in the Congo) to help with again as we Grow again in 2015 .  I heard a quote recently saying "  You can't take money with you when you die,  but,  You can send it ahead.  This is a very good way of doing that !
Thanks again !  
 Ray the Grain Guy