Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Greg was part of the Ugly sweater story

Greg wore this Ugly sweater for one full day at work when staff and customers pledged $250 for the CFGB if he did it ! After that Larry Fast took the challenge and they raised $1550 ... with the first $100 paid by Larry for Ray (me ) not to ever wear it again this $2 sweater (new ) has raised $9500 counting the CIDA 4 to 1 Match... I do have expensive taste ! Just no fashion sense !

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jardine Family Farms @ Brookdale, Manitoba

Here is the canola field on the highway 3.5 miles west of Brookdale, Manitoba

It is looking very good. The excess moisture hasn't hurt it. The variety is 5020 and it is an Invigor variety. Weed control used is Liberty. 5020 is generally very high in yield !

Ron and Fran VanHeyst Wheat

I put up the CFGB sign at this field on Highway 10 in the Brandon area just north of the Rivers Junction. The wheat was seeded well before the monsoon and it used the moisture nearly as quickly as it came . There are 6 acres here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Crop Cam in action !

We started taking pictures with the crop cam at the Marvins June 22. It is facing south and it will take one digital picture each day for the whole time the canola crop is growing, we will then make it into a video where you can see the crop progress thru to harvest !

Melfort Washed out !

Here is some real farming for you ! Kendell & Jodine were going to seed their field in Melfort, Saskatchewan for Kernels ! They are rookies but no amount of experience would have overcome the amount of moisture they had this year ! Here is a quote from Kendell that I received today !
" Well it looks like we will not get a crop seeded this year, we came close twice , But it seems not meant to be. We will chem fallow this year and likely do canola next year . "

Oops ! anyway we will still be able to build awareness over the year and be ready for a great crop there in 2011 ! Farming ! Planning , execution of the plans and then you neeeed the weather !

Ray the Grain Guy

Sunday, June 20, 2010

On camera !

Steve and Lonni are returning for a second year as some of our real farmers in the Brandon area. They are growing 10 acres of canola for us. I'll check on the variety this week. It is seeded and just starting to grow !
We are filming the crop this year...not just the harvest ... we are setting up a digital camera to stay in the field all year. It will snap one still picture everyday till harvest. We should be able to watch 100 days of crop growth and change in one 3 minute video when the camera merges all the still shots together. You virtual farmers will get to see the real thing this year !

The camera knows to only take pictures in the daytime ! Should be fun !

Stay tuned !

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Sandstrom wheat

Jim and Bryan Sandstrom of Minnedosa told me on Sunday that the Kernels field likely wouldn`t get seeded this year because of the extended monsoon season (seems like one anyway ! ) then they texted me today that the field is seeded ! Now we need some warmth. we have the moisture for it !
A crop is like a person.... »It needs nutrition, water, fresh air, a good environment .... and not too much or too little of those to be healthy !

Like they said during the Memorial Cup National Hockey Tournament in Brandon last month
`Go Wheaties Go ! `

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wet behind the ears !

The rains have been coming steady... too steady. If Bryan and Jim Sandstrom at Minnedosa were growing corn this year for Kernels of Hope they would have corn that's wet behind the ears and everywhere else !
They do plan on growing wheat for us and as of Sunday June 6 it hasn't been seeded.... as soon as the ground dries out a bit...the rain comes again...
Stay tuned and stay dry !