Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Time

Christmas time is often the time of year that people look forward as a time of visiting with their families and friends and for giving and receiving gifts. Sometimes those gifts are just caring for others that need it more than we do !
This year on Dec 23 rd we got our final numbers in for Kernels of Hope. We banded together across the country and even some of our neighbours south of the 49th parallel to join in raising crops to help people in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. You likely know that we have been helping these people in this war torn country resettle onto their farmland through helping them attain seed and tools and even fishing equipment so they can once again feed their families and get some extra income to better their lives. The Hudyes of Norquay have been a huge supporter of this project through their unique project called " "Helping Feed The World " This project adds to our virtual farming theme by having actual producers in their area designate the whole production of 10 acres of crop to Kernels of Hope. The crops in many areas were average at best this year but in the Norquay area things were great ! Big bushels multiplied by big prices and backed up by big hearts equal an amazing addition once again to Kernels !
The Hudyes are very committed to making a difference this way and they challenged their good friends in Burlington, Colorado to have some producers help out too ! They came through big time !
When we add all the components of Kernels together this year, Benefit Projects like the "Wide Open Spaces" Musical by Neelin High School in Brandon, The Ugly Sweater, the Real farmers growing real crops for the donors or the virtual farmers, real farmers donating actual grain to World Relief Canada through the CFGB on behalf of Kernels and the wonderful enthusiasm and funds from "Helping Feed the World " we have raised $100,000 this year ! That is a record in our 7 year history ! The Canadian International Development Agency ( CIDA ) is matching those funds $4 for every $1 we raise. That makes a total of $500,000 for our project in the Congo this year. What a benefit it will be to the people of the Congo. What a Christmas present for me to find this out at this time of year. For my part the giving of time and resources to this project has come back to me as blessings many times over just by having the privelege to farm with all of you and to make a difference that can last for generations. We are truly blessed in North America. Thanks so much for farming in what ever fashion you did this year if you were able ... We are going to farm again in 2012
Stay tuned for how we can once again turn something little like a seed into a life changing program for them and for us ! Grow with us again !

Blessings in 2012 from Ray the Grain Guy !