Tuesday, June 30, 2009

News from the CFGB

One Billion Hungry – In June the FAO released its new estimates on levels of hunger, estimating a historic high in 2009 of one billion people going hungry every day. The FAO notes that the most recent increase in hunger is not the consequence of poor global harvests but is caused by the world economic crisis that has resulted in lower incomes and increased unemployment. This has reduced access to food by the poor. A dangerous mix of the global economic slowdown combined with stubbornly high food prices in many countries has pushed some 100 million more people than last year into hunger and poverty.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Canola at Andrew and Riordan Dennis'

Andrew says the canola is off to a good start. We have the 30 acres in 2 fields right at the edge of Brookdale, Manitoba... It has just been sprayed for weeds...
It is a Clearfield type of Canola... meaning it can be sprayed for weeds with chemicals that will kill most everything except the canola....
The variety of Canola is 45P70
We bought 3 22.7 kg bags of seed. Each bag covers 10 acres.

Here is a description of 45P70

It is an Argentine Hybrid ... The seed costs about $38 / acre Seeding rate is about 5 pounds per acre... It is a good yielder at 121 % of the check variety...
It is Resistant to the disease Blackleg and to Fusarium Wilt.
Lodging tolerance ( ability to stand up ) ... Very Good
Maturity Medium - early maturity
Height 3 cm taller than the check

We'll get you a picture of it as it matures !

Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Acre ?

How big is an acre?

Acres can be any shape but they are always 43,560 square feet in area !

Most Canadian farmers did not adopt hectares when the metric system arrived

In western Canada land was divided in 1 mile square parcels called sections.

There are 43,560 square feet in 1 acre, there are 640 acres in 1 section...

I have heard of a Hector on a prairie farm but I think he was someones Uncle !

Vanburgsteden Wheat

Here is an update from the Vanburgstens !

We seeded 50 acres of Prodigy wheat on May 13.
It is up nicely and we are patiently waiting for warm weather.
Gerald and Darla

( Prodigy is also a hard red spring wheat... These are our farmers in the Kinistino / Melfort , Saskatchewan area. )