Monday, August 31, 2009

Marvin Wheat at Brandon

Some of the Wheat from Steve and Loni's farm got combined and delivered to the elevator at Brandon today

It's grading and yielding well !

This is the wheat a couple of weeks ago !

The Ugly Sweater Day

You've already heard about my ugly sweater purchase ... $ 2 brand new at Walmart ! Farmer Larry came in and was quite critical of it and ended up donating a crisp $100 bill to Kernels if I promised to take it off and never wear it again... Done ! Before he came in coworker Greg had many of the same comments... makes you look heavy, makes him dizzy, Should lean over sideways so the stripes are vertical ... so.... we challenged him. We gathered up $265 Friday August 28 and he wore that sweater at work ALL Day long ! .... He was a great sport about it, now lets do the math, $100 plus $265 = $365 X 5 because of CIDA's 4 to 1 match = $1825 for a $2 investment
The story is not over because Larry has now agreed to wear it for a day for pledges also ! Good Fun while helping people so much.... It doesn't get any better than that!