Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 Crop Wind up !

It was an exciting year for Agriculture... So many changes in Canada including the changes in the CWB !  The US had a drought and that got all the grain prices going... In much of the prairies it was hot but the prices were hotter ! The average farmer in the prairies got a great volume of wheat with excellent quality and  a low volume of canola.  It was a good quality though !  For grain that was priced right during harvest and for awhile after the $ per bushel were terrific !  Physical grain movement was no problem either...   The Kernels crops in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta along with all the support from virtual farmers returned huge benefits again in 2012 and sooooo many people in the Congo will be soooooooo pleased as they get helped with seed and know how and tools so they can produce food for themselves and their familes and neighbourhood !  Just imagine the difference that our joint effort thru working with ECCC,  World Relief Canada, and the Canadian Food Grains Bank !   The $82,000 we cleared after expenses gets matched at a rate of 4 to 1 by the Canadian International Development Agency ( CIDA ) which means we can forward at least $410,000 this year !   Thank you to the real farmers and the virtual farmers from the bottom of my heart and from WRC and especially from the people in the Congo.  The change we are helping is true change that has the potential to put many people on their feet for more than one generation !

We will farm again !

Ray the Grain Guy