Monday, June 27, 2011

Peas Please !

The Tiede's of Strathmore are Canadian Farmers who make the words Peas Please possible at meal time in many parts of the world ! Darren and Cheryl are our longest participating real Kernels Farmers ! This year they are growing Yellow Edible Peas for us ! Here's the scoop !

CDC Meadow is a new yellow pea variety from CDC Saskatoon.

( Is there any one good at shelling peas ? We'll let their combine do that !)

Yellow peas
CDC Meadow had good yield and good lodging and powdery mildew resistance in the Co-op registration trials, and was a strong performer in provincial regional trials. It is about three days earlier maturing than most of the other CDC varieties. Certified seed of CDC Meadow will become widely available in 2009 and 2010.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hyas Canola

Hyas is a very small town in Saskatchewan ! It is in a very important location though because it is in the Heart of Kernels country ! It is just a few miles west of Norquay where Kernels began and has been continuing ever since ! We are please to welcome Warren and Pam Newberg aboard as some of our real farmers this year. They offered last year and have been waiting since ! They have 20 acres of canola seeded for us and it is up and growing and has already been sprayed for weeds !
Stay tuned for more details on progress

Ray the Grain Guy

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Video from Congo!

Helping End Hunger in Maniema

In Maniema, a province in the centre of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Canadian Foodgrains Bank and World Relief Canada work with Tearfund to help people feed themselves and their families.

Together, they have provided assistance to over 5,500 families over the past three years

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Earth !

Dave Mazier farms with his wife Cathy just north of Brandon, Manitoba. He is in the elevator where I work quite often and has taken an interest in Kernels ! This year he offered to be one of our real farmers by seeding 10 acres of Round up Ready Canola . It is a hybrid seed... Making it one of the higher yielding varieties. It is called VT 500... It has excellent lodging resistance. That doesn't mean it likes to stay away from hotels... it means it won't lay flat on the ground unless you drive over it ! It is also R to Blackleg. Blackleg could be a pirate but in this case it is a disease that robs health and yield from Canola plants.
He actually got it seeded May 26. It has had lot's of rain on it since but I am sure it will survive and thrive... Dave's farm name is Good Earth Farms ! How can we go wrong ! Stay tuned .