Thursday, May 15, 2014

2014 Launch Letter

Spring is here !  The snow is slowing down in frequency !   Kernels farmers are planting and preparing again for crops that will go farther than we can even imagine in helping people in need in the Congo to help feed themselves !  Dignity is provided by Hope.  Hope is what we give when we do our farming in Canada which enables the Congolese to grow their own crops and set up fish farms and if things go well to not only feed their families but to market some of the extra produce !  Hope is such a small word but it is HUGE in every person in every country in this 7 billion person world... Thankyou for helping provide Hope if you have been able to join in !

     We are farming in Alberta with the Nelsons, In Saskatchewan with the VanBurgstedens , Arndts and the Hudye group !  Manitoba has the VanHeysts, Marvins and Penners growing again !   There are others coming in soon that I will update you on later.  Mostly growing wheat and canola again this year.   Maybe we will get a real farmer in Ontario soon !   Grain Prices got low and movement got slow in the winter but now as the weather warms and the trains start chugging the prices and outlook are really perking up again !

Our mailing address changed recently...  If you can help by sponsoring the costs of an acre this year at a suggested cost of $200 ( If you haven't already... please write a cheque to ECCC and write Kernels in the note line on the bottom and mail it to ECCC PO. Box 23117 RPO McGillivray  Winnipeg, Mb, R3T 5S3    on line donations to become a virtual farmer can be done at  Tax receipts will be issued at year end.    If you want info mailed or want a 3 minute video email of the Launch for 2014 let me know ! 
   Grow with us !

  Ray the Grain Guy