Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Van B Farms at Kinistino sent us pictures of the Kernels canola harvest from the weekend...  today ,  just a few days later the ground is white with a heavy snow fall ....   whew !  This canola is already in the Melfort elevator    2360 bu     47 bushels per acre    Niiiiice !   $9.75 per bu     now add the Govt matching funds...  Phenomonal  !

The Minnedosa Church Garden Field 2016

     This fall the wheat in the garden ripened and was cut by Don Wilkinson with a scythe that his dad built !   The wheat was gathered into piles by our pastors Jeff and Sean and then hauled home to get under a roof awaiting combining... The combine was a mini  !   It's meant for going to a field and taking a sample with out taking a full size combine...   it still seperates the proverbial and in this case literal     "wheat from the chaff" 
Enough wheat kernels were harvested this past weekend to make a good loaf of Communion Bread which will be shared and help to connect the dots on World Relief Sunday