Sunday, March 15, 2015

Not taking Harvest for Granted

   This is a short video from our project in North Kivu of the Congo.  They just harvested the Irish Potatoes and are thrilled.   What a difference we have been able to help with in variety, quality and quantity of their Harvest...

    This is the way our Kernels Fields looked for much of the winter,   Most of the Prairies looks like this every winter for awhile... The hard working , good producing field takes a rest... it pulls up a nice white winter blanket of snow over its soil bed and looks like its doing nothing...  Under that blanket there are still good things happening !   Some diseases and bad insects get stopped dead and eliminated  in the winter in our Canadian Climate... Nutrition is being created from the breakdown of organic material like grain straw.  Everything is getting ready for the warmth of spring sun and rains to wake up the soil and take the snow blanket off and get producing  crops for the worlds 7 Billion people !    Farmers and virtual farmers usually pay less attention to the field during the winter but there are plans being made for getting the right combination of seed, nutrition , crop protection products, equipment and weather to get the most out of that field we can .  An acre in Canada can now feed about 120 people.  Wow !  
    As I have thought recently... There are many important vocations... Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants,   We need all of them at times but how often do we need farmers ?   Every single day !
   Thanks to our real farmers for thinking about being a real farmer for Kernels this year and thanks for thinking about being a Virtual Farmer this year.  We need all of you for helping people in the Congo get their food production in growing...   Grow With Us !              Ray the Grain Guy