Thursday, November 9, 2017

Time Lapse Canola Day by Day for 2017

One canola crop        One growing season   .... Many returns for more than one generation

Time Lapse Photography on Kernels field north of Brandon


Time is such a variable word...  it can fly by or it can inch past  depending on the situation,  One thing it does do is it keeps on going...
    We had the time lapse camera set up at the VanHeyst canola field for the whole crop year this year.
The camera looks like a parking meter watching over a street...  this camera watched Hope being produced !   Every day for the growing season it took 4 pictures.   It also has a setting not to take pictures in the dark...    Put them all together and you follow the life of several tiny seeds from start to finish...   the finished part though is just the beginning of the story of Hope created when the seeds get harvested and sold and those funds get leveraged and matched by the government and put into place by World Relief Canada and the Canadian Food Grains Bank.   Then it really grows hope by assisting people in countries of need in Africa to grow their own food and grow their liveliehoods .   Hope is simple and necessary in any country.  Thanks for helping create that !