Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ron VanHeyst Canola

This canola field by Brandon got off to a slow start.. if you look close you will see some canola plants... by the end of the week you  could see the rows from the highway...  We are making progress !

June Early and Late

     Our fields in the Prairies got off to early starts for the most part.   But early turned into late for some...  frost killed off lots of canola if it was up and out of the ground in the east side of the Prairies. Cereal crops like wheat seemed to survive pretty well.  Extreme dry weather in the West meant that canola which is seeded very shallow and not always down to the moisture was very slow to start...  Flea beetles who like to chew holes in the canola leaves were happily eating any canola plants they could find !
They can cause huge damage until the plants can get larger and outgrow the beetles damaging appetites.  Wheat started fine in the west too and even if the soil is pretty dry it can set its roots deeper to reach moisture which is very good for later in its life.   Just like people !     We have added a new Kernels real farmer this year.   Hudye Soil Services who have been such a large supporter of Kernels by quarterbacking and connecting the producers near Norquay in the Helping Feed the World initiative have passed the torch on to Prairie Soils...  Parker and the crew are up for the challenge of helping our friends in the Congo to produce more food for their families this year...  
    We have great potential of making a huge difference again for people in need...
        The adventure continues !

     Ray the Grain Guy