Monday, October 12, 2015

The Malio Project for 2015 in DR Congo


     It's all coming together !  
Our real farmers have been working hard and often battling the weather conditions but things are coming together.  We often had rain when it wasn't wanted especially this fall when the crop was ready to harvest.  Some say it builds character... I know though when we put it all together every year it builds families and better lives for them...Building Hope....

   Tween Lakes at Hyas have the Kernels wheat in the grain Cart now...they just finished harvest this week...  Gerald and Darla of Kinistino ha better weather this year and pulled off a sweet 55 bushels per acre of wheat  on their 50 acres designated to Kernels !   Ron VanHeyst with Earls help grew a whopper of a canola crop getting 50 bushels per acre on his 6 Kernels acres.  We found a great unused contract and got $12.15 per bushel for those 300 bushels....  Canola is usually $10 / bu the past 2 years . $12.15 is at the top of any price in that time.  Grant of Jardine Farms has 500 bushels of wheat ready to come to market from his 10 acres.... Grant had good quality wheat using his green thumb for others too !   Steve and Loni of West Elton Farms at Brandon have been real Kernels farmers longer than anyone and they will be hauling soon.   Their friends Tim and Heidi Penner from Justice ( the most appropriate address for Kernels possible )  brought in 528 bushels of wheat from their Kernels field.  Don't forget that the federal Govt  matches much of our produce 4 to 1    So 528 bushels is 2640 bu !     Go back and work out the canola at Rons with this formula... Making a difference one kernel at a time. No news yet from Prairie Soils at Norquay but there will be good things happening there as always...  The Nelson of Alberta will also let us know how the crop was there... drought ?  maybe   maybe not !
   If you were wanting to help this year to fund our Malio project that helps to improve food production and consumption for  600 farming families from 8 villages in Beni Territory, North Kivu Province in the DR Congo ... its not too late....  if you or anyone in your family history has ever been really hungry you'll know that waiting till next year isn't a good option ...   Stay tuned for the years wrap up !
   Many Thanks & Blessings ,
Ray the Grain Guy