Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Early Morning September 29 at Ron's field by Brandon... the canola has been harvested...  the field is empty ( like many peoples dreams and food cupboards in The Congo)   The sunrise here is like what you are doing for the people there...  Providing nourishment which leads to health and the ability to produce their own crops and to provide dreams and Hope !   Hope... the short word that is so huge for all of us ! It's a new day.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lined up and ready !

The Canola at Ron's has been swathed for about two weeks...  You cut it after it starts to mature and you let it dry up in the swath to be ready for harvest.  As you swath it often you pull a roller behind the swather that pushes it gently down into the stubble so it anchors it against most wind.  You wouldn't want it blowing to the neighbours field !
This swath has turned brown since I took the picture and is ready and willing to be put into a combine and then a truck and then the grain elevator so it can help people in our Project in the Congo with food and seed and tools... The canola seeds are so little but they do so much !  Just like us !