Monday, June 9, 2014

Green as Grass June 9 th

    This is our wheat at the Van Heyst's just north of Brandon.   It is in nice rows and is short as and green as grass !  We don't want to take the lawn mower out there now though.  We want to nurture that crop...  Supplying good nutrition... which is also good for people... hoping to get it the right amount of water... also very good for people... Controlling the weeds...  not good for people to have too much wild oats either , Hoping no crazy weather events knock it down or drown it...   Definitely not good for people !...  Hoping the crop grows to a normal maturity ...  Maturity is wonderful in people !     Well some things we can control and some things we can't .    Knowing the difference is often half the battle.  Stay tuned as we grow the crop that will help us help the people of the Congo in so many ways...

Ray the Grain Guy

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May is Over !

   May was a stressful farming month in Manitoba !
Rain for 1 day dry for 2 days was the pattern.  That doesn't let many get to the field to get down to the business of seeding the crop ! Vanheysts go the wheat in at Brandon.  Sounds like Rovk and Nicole are making progress at Norquay !  The Nelsons crop is more advanced in Alberta.  Haven't heard from others yet but that is a good sign...It means they are busy !    The ADVENTURE Continues !
Ray the Grain Guy