Monday, June 25, 2012


We had a great day in the grain markets.  Once the markets began trading after the weekend they really jumped up.  Canola hot $13/ bu for October delivery.  Wheat hit over $7.50 / bu for Sept delivery for # 2 13.5... that is the best the prices have been yet for the 2012 harvest.  It is hot and dry in the US midwest area on the corn and soybean acres.  That effects our prices.  There has been a huge abscence of dryness in much of the prairies again so far... we do have the potential for some big yield this year.  a big crop with a big price is nice but it seldom occurs in the same year.  Long way to go till the crop is in the bin... around Winnipeg the nice yellow canola flowers are already coming out !  Stay tuned.

Ray the Grain Guy

Sunday, June 3, 2012


The new crop ( the crop that has just been seeded ) canola has been over $12 / bu for a couple of months .  That is really high compared to most years.  As crops got seeded we went ahead and put in a target for a little more per bushel.  I asked for 440 bushels at $12.49 / bushel.  After a few days they hit that target!  If we sold it today for fall delivery we would have got $12.22... that's a little bit extra money that can go a loooooong way !    

This has been your marketing play of the day !