Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tiede's Wheat is in the ground !

Cheryl And Darren Tiede have just seeded 30 acres of wheat for Kernels ! Their farm is right along # 1 highway just west of Strathmore, Alberta. The crop was seeded April 16... Much ahead of the Manitoba seeding dates !
We really are already growing in 2009 !

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Insight Meets Kernels Stay tuned

This is the car talking ! Not me...
(Ray the Grain Guy)

Waiting for the Big Day
Monday, April 13, 2009 @ 19:09
Victoria, BC… I’m waiting for the Big Day, April 21, next week. That’s the day I start this month-long cross-country drive from sea to shining sea. Very excited. Butterflies in my batteries.
I’m the very first Honda Insight to be registered in Canada. I came over on a ship from Japan and my first assignment is to drive across Canada. Woohoo!
A pair of journalists will be driving me from Victoria to Vancouver on the first leg of my journey on Tuesday April 21. From there, it’s eastward bound to watch Canada burst into spring.
Aaah, think of what I’ll see out on the road! The Rocky Mountains, Prairie grasses swaying in the breeze, the awesome drive north of Lake Superior, the mighty Saint Lawrence River, the Maritimes and then, the Rock, Newfoundland.
I’ve heard so much about these Canadian icons and I’m sure that seeing them will reinforce our need to be responsible and protect this beautiful place.
Maybe I’ll even meet that special someone, another pretty Insight. It’ll have to be a quick courtship. I’ve got a lot of moving to do. But hey, I definitely believe in Love at First Insight! Don’t you??Tags: Posted in Honda Insight Comments Off-->

Kernels getting more Insight

Kernels of Hope is creating interest more and more across the country !
Honda Canada and their hybrid car Insight will be stopping by our Brandon Kernels field on May 1 to learn more about Kernels and how people in Canada can help people in other countries with aid in getting farming tools and seeds and in general helping with their nutrition and well being through World Relief Canada and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank ...check this website April 21 if you'd like to follow the cross Canada tour of Insight ! http://www.insightintocanada.ca/

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jim and Judy Nelson are Farming

Long Time Kernels supporters Jim and Judy Nelson of Norquay, Saskatchewan (the Heart of Kernels Country) took the next step and are going to provide 33 acres of land to be some of our real farmers for 2009 !
Ferris & Lindgren Farms will do the custom work for us in growing a bountiful crop of wheat... Welcome aboard !