Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Canola at Andrew and Riordan Dennis'

Andrew says the canola is off to a good start. We have the 30 acres in 2 fields right at the edge of Brookdale, Manitoba... It has just been sprayed for weeds...
It is a Clearfield type of Canola... meaning it can be sprayed for weeds with chemicals that will kill most everything except the canola....
The variety of Canola is 45P70
We bought 3 22.7 kg bags of seed. Each bag covers 10 acres.

Here is a description of 45P70

It is an Argentine Hybrid ... The seed costs about $38 / acre Seeding rate is about 5 pounds per acre... It is a good yielder at 121 % of the check variety...
It is Resistant to the disease Blackleg and to Fusarium Wilt.
Lodging tolerance ( ability to stand up ) ... Very Good
Maturity Medium - early maturity
Height 3 cm taller than the check

We'll get you a picture of it as it matures !