Monday, October 11, 2010

Taste ?

Many of you that know me (or people like me ) know that I don't like vegetables !

I just had to show you this action shot of me eating some ! It reminds me how blessed we are to be able to have our choice of food in this country... Can you imagine having barely any food and making a face like that when some food was finally provided ?

Thanksgiving drives the point home even more where we need to not take things for granted and we need to remember those in need. Sometimes people think they can't make a difference in the big picture... Every TV picture is made up of tiny little dots that make a wonderful picture for all to see. Be one of the dots ( I am just helping to connect those dots ) . The worst thing that can happen when you make that decision whether to help in some way or not, is to feel you won't make a difference and you do nothing. It all starts with you. Thankyou for being a part of Kernels !