Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wide Open Spaces Helps sow Kernels of Hope

We had a great opportunity to partner with the Neelin High School in Brandon last week as they performed an original musical written by their own Melissa Lausman. It was Country at its best ! You can see more about the event at the Neelin High School website.
( If you'd like to read the Brandon Sun article above just click on it and it should make it bigger for you ! )There were 4 public performances at the Concert Hall in Brandon. I was able to make a presentation explaining Kernels to the whole crew at the start of the week... then we set up a booth in the lobby of the concert hall for all 4 public shows. We had a lot of interest and good conversations and sold the equivalent of 6 acres for Kernels for 2011 ! It was an easy sell as Carolyn Gwyer the musical director shared some of her passion for helping others with the students and encouraged them to have their families help out Kernels ! It's easy to "sell " a project that is win win win ! Melissa Lausman gave us the quote of the week when she said
" could sell Ketchup flavoured popsicles to ladies with white gloves !!! "