Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Canola and Canola

May 18 was a good day at Kernels !

Last year Kendell at Melfort tried and tried to seed the crop and got wet every time !

The land lay fallow for the year... resting and waitin for an opportunity like we had now to get the canola seed in along with just the right nutrition to produce some Big Bushels in '11 !

We got 70 acres of Invigor L130 canola seeded ! This is a high yielding seed that uses Liberty as the chemical for weed control ... sometimes it needs to be sprayed once , sometimes twice ...

Kendell had lotsa help putting the crop in with good citiizens popping up everywhere !

We talked over where we could sell some of the crop...planning ahead ... storage of the crop would not be easy... so... on Friday with the seed planted we sold 15 tonnes of canola in advance.. We will haul it to Viterra in Sept 2011 and get $541.84 per tonne ... there are 44.092 bushels of canola in a metric tonne and that means we will get $12.29 per bushel for this 15 tonnes. That is a very high price historically ! Now we can watch the progress of the crop and see if we should set the price on any more !

In the pictures you will see the seeding operation and the sign that stands by the field.... Thanks so much to all those that contributed !