Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What we know so far

     Our fields are spread over the prairies again with many real farmers teaming up with virtual farmers (that can and might be you ! )  to raise crops and funds to help people in the Congo help themselves.
The Penners, Maziers, Pankratzs and Kowbels are all growing canola for us near Justice and just north of Brandon, Manitoba.  The Marvins are back again with some acreage west of the elevator.  I wrote about the VanHeysts in the adjacent post.  They are in the same neighbourhood too !
  The Tiedes came through for us again at Strathmore, Alberta growing yellow peas for us.  In Saskatchewan we have our largest fields at Kinistino and Melfort with the Vanburgstedens growing canola and the Arndt's rotating their crop to wheat from the canola they grew last year.  Rotation goes along way towards preventing disease and troublesome insects.  The Hudyes at Norquay have several people partcipicating in Kernels by committing the entire crop from about 10 acres per farm through the "Helping Feed the World Program" 
      A little here and a little there adds up so fast.  People caring about others.  If you think you can help see the donor info on the adjacent post.  Or email me !
   I will keep you posted on the crop stages and conditions throughout the year.  Anticipation is half the fun and I am having more fun this year than ever as we do our part to End Hunger .